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Review of a Typical 123Movies Website

123Movies is an online streaming service that provides digital content of movies and TV shows to its users and viewers for free. We all have heard that it is a website that has a user-friendly interface and platform, making it exceedingly effortless to use and operate.

But what is it that makes it so? In this article, let us dive deep into the website of 123Movies.

The 123Movies Search Option

On opening the website of 123Movies through the domain of “,” individuals are redirected to the homepage of the site. The most striking part that catches the eye at first is the search bar titled “enter your keywords.” Here, viewers can find whichever movie or TV show that they are looking for by inputting its complete name or a part of its name. It minimizes the time spent on seeking any content.

On clicking on the right-pointing arrow button or pressing enter, one can generate the search. Individuals then get redirected to another page encompassing a list of all the content that matched the search. Distinct icons represent each movie or TV show with its title and poster image. Clicking on them will play the required content. Additionally, this search comes with a filter option. Hence, it allows users to segregate the content by their genre, type, country, year, quality, and subtitle.

What Does The Homepage Of 123Movies Offer To Its Users?

At the extreme top of the homepage, a navigation panel of sorts is present with the choices of genre, country, movie, TV series, and Top IMDB. On the top right corner, the option of Login or Register is available. By registering, users can record the content they are watching and get mail notifications regarding any update to the website.

Below the search bar on the homepage, the website offers its users a list of recommendations that the site generated. This listing may change according to the preferences of its viewer as predicted and derived from the user playlist. Each icon of the movie represents the content with its quality (HD or HDRIP), year of release, type (movie or TV series), and duration of the matter. For TV series, the site offers the number of available seasons and episodes. These replace the time and release year.

Scrolling down, one can find the latest and trending movies, followed by a similar list for TV series.

At the very bottom of the page, the website provides a short and comprehensive report of 123Movies. One can find it under the heading “About Us.” In addition to that, clickable links of “Movies,” “TV-Shows,” “Most Watched,” and “Top IMDb,” “Action,” “Horror,” “Sci-fi,” “Thriller” are available with “Contact,” “Request,” and “Sitemap.” Clicking on them will lead one to their respected pages.

What Do The Other Pages Of 123Movies Offer To Its Users?

As already mentioned, a type of navigation panel is available at the very top of the homepage of 123Movies. The headings under it have several options that users can choose from and select.

For example, the Genre option has sub-choices of action, family, crime, music, romance, and so on. The Country heading has United States, Italy, West Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, International, and many more. Clicking on them will lead directly to the filtered content of what one wishes to stream.